The Authors

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Two marketers ... with horns!

We are two career marketers with over 50 years’ worth of experience and expertise between us. We met at the Cambridge University Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Troubled by marketing’s complicity in the sustainability challenges the world faces, we undertook our studies, feeling like we had devil horns growing out of our heads. 

Our purpose is to re-orientate and reinvigorate the behaviour changing capabilities of Marketing. Transforming it from an engine of over-consumption and waste generation to a powerful catalyst for positive change, in the pursuit of a sustainable world for all.

We don’t claim to have all the answers, rather we work across industry, seeking to learn from all the amazing work going on and then bring that into one overarching approach. 

I make stuff happen

Alexis Eyre

CEO & Founder, Gree Eyre

I have worked on all three sides of the marketing triangle – client side, agency side and media owner side for brands including News UK, Sunsail, Clim8 Invest and Hewlett Packard. A professor on my sustainability course told me ‘to stay in marketing and fix it’ when I threatened to change career. It’s become my mantra.

I think about stuff

Paul Randle

CEO & Founder, Pickle Consulting

Despite launching ISO14001 in my early career, I spent 30 years working globally for brands like Microsoft, Philips, AkzoNobel, VISA, BSI, AVIVA and Honda. Then one day, one question from my daughter changed everything. "Daddy, is your job good for the environment?"

We are proud to be part of ..

An alliance of sustainability consultants, helping organisations to transition towards sustainable development and a regenerative, clean, and inclusive future.

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