For agency and consultant teams

Agency Team Capability Accelerator


Help marketing and creative agencies understand the pressures their clients face and their own sustainability impacts. Equip them with the tools and purpose to embed sustainability into everything they do


Agency core sustainability team, ideally a cross section of senior leadership and functional team members 


Two core work streams:
1. Sustainable marketing introduction
2. Strategy & purpose setting workshop


Accelerators are limited to 14 people per session


Face-to-face and virtual training, workshops and individual assignments


Availability from 27th February, however, please contact us for options.

Build shared understanding with your clients, confident teams and a sustainable purpose for your agency

We live in a greenwashing pandemic that is hampering our ability to transition to a sustainable world. Rarely intentional, greenwashing is typically due to a lack of expertise and shared understanding between in-house marketing teams and their agency partners. This accelerator is for agency teams who need guide their clients and help avoid greenwashing 

Program Overview

Duration – 2 days (With pre-work, approx 2hrs)

  • What is sustainability?
    What are the challenges that we face and what are the tools and models in place to help us plan for addressing them.
    Introduces concepts and models including the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Doughnut Economics


  • The role of marketing and its impacts
  • An exploration of marketing’s current poor performance on sustainability, viewed through the lens of its commercial, environmental and societal impacts

  • The need for sustainable marketing transformation
    The introduction of a new role for marketing, one that sees it transform to become a force for good

  • Introducing the Sustainable Marketing Compass
    Comprehensive explanation of the Sustainable Marketing Compass (SMC), why it’s needed, its objectives and a complete detailing of each of its core steps

Duration – 1 Day


  • Applying the Sustainable Marketing Compass
  • Embedding the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Capability Maturity Modelling
  • Personal and team resilience

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